Diagnostic tool


Diagnostics are the unsung hero of gearbox servicing.
At CCM we want to be sure that there are no resident faults with your vehicle and that all of its drive train related parts are checked before we change the oil. For us, it is important to know that anything that might affect the gearbox before, during or after the oil service routine.

CCM use the latest diagnostic tools including Launch, Bosch KTS, AutoLogic, Autel, and Snapon to ensure that we can interact with your vehicle at the highest level. Once we have checked your vehicle we can continue with the gearbox oil service using the flushing machines and the diagnostic tool in tandem.

PRICING GUIDES - Typical Prices

Our Price Main Dealer Price
Range Rover 08 £ 395 £ 812
Mercedes £ 368 £ 733
BMW 5 Series £ 368 £ 557
Jaguar XF £ 386 £ 672
Porsche Cayenne £ 432 £ 847
Audi Q7 £ 612 £ 1132


Using the correct work processes is important.

All our specialist services are first refined by our senior mechanics before we pass training out to our wider workforce. At CCM we take a great deal of pride in being a specialist, in making sure we have the correct tools and processes to ensure a great job every time.


  • Can I get my oil changed without diagnostic tools?

    Yes you can, but without them you will risk being unaware of underlying issues and won’t be able to reset adaptations at the end of the process.

  • I thought only the main dealer could do this?

    Nope, we have access to diagnostic tools that are either from the manufacturer or made by the people that make them for the manufacturer.

  • Can I get a diagnostic report?

    Yes, if you want a printed copy of your diagnostics then just ask, all our diagnostic tools are linked to our printers.

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