Vauxhall Corsa Courtesy Cars at CCM


All Vauxhall gearboxes can be serviced by the team here at CCM Garages (based across Surrey & Sussex), some of our guys are ex Vauxhall Master Tech trained and as such spent plenty of time working with Vauxhall vehicles following the takeover of Vauxhall in 2000. All CCM workshops benefit from the latest specialist diagnostic equipment (including the Vauxhall TIS genuine diagnostic tool) allowing us to diagnose, code read and conduct all types of gearbox oil flushing processes on all Vauxhall cars.

Following the decrease of parts availability for Vauxhall Cars it seems ever more important to keep to best practice maintenance on Vauxhall cars, flushing the automatic gearbox oil will play an important part of this process.


With ever fewer places who repair Vauxhall vehicles and ever fewer Vauxhall cars CCM remain a safe haven for Vauxhall owners across Surrey & Sussex. Vauxhall cars are well known to us at CCM, and via our Vauxhall background we already well understand the unique faults and fixes for most common issues. Where we don’t know the repair, we will have the diagnostic equipment and trained staff to get us to where we need to be when it comes to Vauxhall repairs and servicing.

We can offer full automatic gearbox capability for all Vauxhall’s old and new, along with the usual routine workshop servicing and repairs.

CCM offer a full workshop engineering repair capability, from a simple MOT test to a full service, including cambelts, clutches, tyres, exhausts, brakes, batteries, radiators, air conditioning, mot repairs and gearbox repairs. CCM are here to help.

At CCM we are happy to undertake all types of workshop servicing and repairs to all Vauxhall cars. We offer full workshop facilities and have staff with a lifetimes experience.

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