Audi Automatic Gearbox Flushing Service At CCM Garage
Gearbox Flushing Equipment at CCM Garages


At CCM Garages we been repairing and servicing Audi’s for over 30 years, our staff / training / specialist diagnostic equipment has allowed us to routinely carry out all servicing and repairs on all Audi. All Audi’s, new and old, that have an automatic gearbox should have an automatic gearbox oil flush with new filters within the 60 – 70,000 mile range and then every 60,00 miles thereafter.

If your gear selection has begun to feel sluggish or irregular, if you have drivability issues, or just been advised that your gearbox oil service is due, then CCM is your best destination for this specialist work.


At each of our CCM locations we offer automatic gearbox oil servicing for all makes and models of Audi & VAG Group cars and light commercial vehicles. Our well-trained staff have the correct diagnostic equipment to enable the correct work processes, and are always happy to help Audi owners old and new across Surrey & Sussex.

Some of our key staff are ex VAG Group Master Technicians and have in turn spent the large majority of their lives working on Audi and VW cars.

CCM offer a full workshop repair capability for Audi cars and light commercials of all ages. From a winter check to a full service, through clutches, exhausts, brakes and tyres, we are here to help.

If you are searching for a great value and cost-effective alternative to the Audi main dealer then CCM are here to help.

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