Gearbox Flushing Equipment at CCM Garages
Gearbox Flushing Equipment at CCM Garages


Let’s not beat around the bush, these flushing machines come in at over £5000 each, so they are proper bits of kit!

The machines allow us to first add a flushing treatment to your existing gearbox oil and then run the gearbox at normal working temperature whilst circulating the flushing additive. Once the flushing cycle has completed we can withdraw your old oil whilst at the same time pumping in fresh, clean oil.

As the pump works with the directional flow of your gearbox, we are able to see the old oil come out and then withdraw a tiny amount of the fresh oil to confirm that we have completely flushed the gearbox. Then as the last win, we add specialist treatments. Our last check is through the same inspection port where the old dirty oil was before, now we see beautifully clean oil.


For a quote, please contact us directly! Each gearbox varies so much that we are unable to publish estimates online.


Anyone trying to change your automatic gearbox oil without one of these machines is not doing you any favours.

You can drop the oil out of a gearbox via the drain plug, but this only removes the oil from the body section and leaves the important torque converter still full of the old oil which is hardly ideal.

If you have been given a quote that is much lower than ours, there is every likelihood that the cheaper quote is NOT for the same job but is instead for the lazier version. Make sure you are getting a flush gearbox flush!


  • If I just drain the oil and top up will this be ok?

    Not really. By mixing the old oil with the new you will very quickly degrade the new oil, leaving you back at square one.

  • Is all flushing equipment the same?

    No, at CCM we invest heavily each and every month in tools and equipment that allow us to do better jobs, faster.

  • How often should I be flushing my automatic gearbox oil?

    Each manufacturer will differ slightly, but as a rule of thumb they advise to change the oil between 60-70,000 miles or every 5 – 6 years , so most cars will need this job 2 or 3 times in their life cycle.

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